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13 April 2013

User creations in Solaris 11

by Alpha01

To my surprise Solaris 11 does not create new user’s home directory by default.


root@solaris:~# su - testuser
su: No directory!
root@solaris:~# pwck
        Login directory not found


root@solaris:~# useradd -m testuser
80 blocks

In the process, I learned something new about the su command. In Linux, when switching from root to a limited user, I used to do the following:

[root@rubyninja ~]# su tony -

What I did not know was that the above command will indeed load up the PATH of tony, but it will also append root’s PATH at end of it which is kind of scary. In theory the command that I wanted to use was su - username, luckily this feature is not supported in Solaris 11.

root@solaris:/# su testuser -
bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied
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