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aws cli AuthFailure gotcha

It's probably been about 5-6 years since the last time I've used the AWS command line tools. The other day I signed up for the AWS Free Tier to familiarize myself with the aws command-line tools once again. I created myself a test user and granted full access to my aws account. Easy and simple. Well not so fast, initially my user account failed to authenticate properly. I tried re-generating new API keys and even created other different accounts with different types of access, but the problem persisted.

Problem: I was seeing the following:

[[email protected] ~]# aws ec2 describe-regions

An error occurred (AuthFailure) when calling the DescribeRegions operation: AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials

I verified my AWS API credentials stored on ~/.aws/credentials to ensure everything was correct. Yet, the fucking problem persisted.

It turned out that the time on the system I was trying to use the aws cli tools in, had the time completely wrong! Once the time was fixed I was able to authenticate my account and use the aws cli tool.


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Using Python to Output Pretty Looking JSON

Every once and awhile, theirs occasions that I have a giant glob of JSON data that I want to easily read it's data. Normally I opted to use The problem is whenever I use, I always have to be sure the JSON data doesn't include anything confidential. I was happy to learn that you can easily use the json library in Python to accomplish essentially the same thing.

For example:

alpha03:~ tony$ cat test.json
{"employees":[{"firstName":"John", "lastName":"Doe"},{"firstName":"Anna", "lastName":"Smith"},{"firstName":"Peter", "lastName":"Jones"}]} 
alpha03:~ tony$ python -m json.tool < test.json
    "employees": [
            "firstName": "John",
            "lastName": "Doe"
            "firstName": "Anna",
            "lastName": "Smith"
            "firstName": "Peter",
            "lastName": "Jones"


Google Apps API OAuth2 shenanigans

So I literally was just about to start flipping tables because I wasn't able to get my Google Apps API OAuth2 api verification to work. I was getting the following error:

401. That’s an error.

Error: invalid_client

no support email

As the documentation describes, I created my application and enabled Calendar API access to it, and lastly setup my credentials. The problem was that I was generating my OAuth 2.0 client IDs without completing the app's consent screen data. As soon as I specified my email address in my app's consent screen data and regenerated new a client ID, I was able to authenticate my application. If only the Google Developer Console would've given a warning of some sort prior to generating a client ID, a lot of #!%[email protected]*# moments would've been avoided.


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