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1 January 2022

#100DaysOfCode Go

by Alpha01

It’s been well over 10 years since I’ve learned a new programming language. While I’ve flirted with JavaScript to a certain point, I never truly did made an effort to learn it, given how horrifying that language is (there I said it). My programming journey began with simply Bash shell scripting, and Ruby in college. I won’t include Microsoft VisualBasic which I had a couple of courses in, because quite frankly I don’t remember much of it. As I got my second job as a Linux sysadmin in early 2008, that shifted towards me needing to learn PHP, and Perl; so I did. Then around that same time, seeing the popularity of Python, I’ve also decided to learn Python. So throughout all my tech career, I’ve extensively used Bash, Ruby, PHP, Perl, and Python in one way or another. So much, that I’m definitely comfortable using any of them, varying the problem I want to solve, hence I’ve have included them in my resumé.

Now in January 1, 2022, as stated in my New Year’s Resolution, I’ve made it an actual goal to learn Go in depth. It’s quite amazing to see how the tech industry has really embraced Go, as one of the defacto languages. My background is mostly all Linux DevOps, and the past two years I’ve been working extensively with Kubernetes. So being involved in the Kubernetes world, I feel somewhat constraint by the fact that I’m not well knowledge in the Go programming language. That’s why I want to learn this new powerful programming language.

I love the idea of the #100DaysOfCode challenge, as well as its community aspect. So I’ve decided that for the next 100 days, I’ll be learning Go. I’m going to be using Twitter for daily assertions, as well a weekly post on this blog to keep myself accountable. All of my code will be on I already have plans for some practical projects, such as writing a custom Kubernetes controller for a CRD using

For the study material, I’ll reading the book Go Programming Language and using the Udemy courses Learn How To Code: Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language and Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang).

Happy New Year, and happy Go hacking!

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