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9 April 2013

OSSEC agent install issue on Debian Squeeze

by Alpha01

So the OSSEC installer has a conditional expression that doesn’t seem to be supported with the version of Bash in Debian Squeeze.


3- Configuring the OSSEC HIDS.

./ 158: [[: not found

Fix (workaround)

Update line 372 on to the following:

if [ "X${USER_AGENT_SERVER_IP}" = "X" -a "X${USER_AGENT_SERVER_NAME}" = "X" ]; then

This was so frustrating, and it appears to be known issue. Unless I’m mistaken double brackets are only used in Bash to do a regular expression conditions, at least that’s the only time I’ve used them…

UPDATE: I also ran into this same issue on FreeBSD 9 and Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS.


Tags: [ ubuntu security freebsd ]