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DevOps with Kubernetes: Non-Programmer's Handbook

This short self-published book is a great resource to understand what DevOps is, but more importantly understand what DevOps is not. It is also a great high-level introductory resource to Kubernetes. It is written in a very easily comprehensive manner, hence the subtitle Non-Programmer’s Handbook. The aim of this book is to grant the reader theoretical knowledge of these two extremely complicated subjects. So it is does not go into their respective intricate details.

The book is divided into two portions, the first delves into the methodologies and practices of what constitutes “DevOps”, the second is a very easy to understand introduction to Kubernetes and what problems it's trying to fix in the grand perspective of Development and Operations team workflows.

Rating: 3/5

DevOps with Kubernetes: Non-Programmer's Handbook

DevOps Handbook
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is DevOps
Chapter 3: The DevOps Revolution
Chapter 4: The Agile System and DevOps/CD
Chapter 5: Scrum
Chapter 6: Kanban
Chapter 7: Kanban vs Scrum
Chapter 8: Organizational Culture Changes
Chapter 9: DevOps Ecosystem and Emerging Trends
Chapter 10: DevOps Success Stories

Kubernetes Handbook
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: How Kubernetes Operates
Chapter 3: Deployments
Chapter 4: Conclusion


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