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Getting Started with Memcached

Packt Publishing's starter book series are short and meant to help readers get up to speed with the given technology. Getting Started with Memcached is a really short book aimed for developers and system administrators who are looking to quickly learn and configure memcached clusters in their web applications.

This book in a nutshell describes how to install Memcached in Linux (Ubuntu) and OS X, how to configure it and how to use it using PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java's Memcached client libraries as well as other popular web frameworks. I would never disencourage anyone for reading a technical book no matter how bad it is, after all at the end of the day, a technicall book will always teach you something new that you didn't knew prior to reading it. This is definetly not a bad book, however given how dead simple a Memcached distributed cluster implementation is, it would of been a lot better if this book covered Memcached more in depth. Anyone looking to learn Memcached will not go wrong purchasing this book, but I feel the offical Memcached documentation will do a better job teaching Memcached to a new user.

Getting Started with Memcached
Basic installation of memcached on Ubuntu (Simple)
Basic installation of memcached on Mac (Simple)
Compiling memcached from a source on Ubuntu (Simple)
Talking with memcached (Advanced)
Setting up memcached to start on boot in Ubuntu (Simple)
Setting up distributed memcached (Intermediate)
Using memcached with PHP (Intermediate)
Using memcached with Python (Intermediate)
Using memcached with Ruby (Intermediate)
Using memcached with Java (Intermediate)
Setting up memcached support in Rails (Simple)
Setting up memcached support in Django (Intermediate)
Setting up memcached to support in Play (Intermediate)

Rating: 3/5
Getting Started with Memcached


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