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5 August 2023

Where am I?

by Alpha01

It’s exactly one year since I’ve written something meaningful on this tech blog. They’re certainly many reasons (or excuses) on why I haven’t been active these past 365 days. First and foremost is work, while I do get to work with really awesome and new technologies as part of my job as a Cloud Engineer. I do not post anything related to what I’m doing at work, since I’m obviously on an NDA with my employer.

Thus said, the primary reason why I’ve been fairly quiet for a year, is that I’ve been shifting my personal time off to non-tech or homelab related activities (work-life balance you can say). This doesn’t mean that I’m getting rid off my homelab or anything like that. I still have a lots of blog post drafts and ideas of new cool apps to explore and write about. As well as I’m still reading tech related books (this will certainly never stop!).

Excuses aside, I’m hoping to return to continue writing posts in here soon.

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