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Red Hat Certified System Administrator & Engineer: Training Guide and a Quick Deskside Reference

This is the first book that I've read as part of my quest to become an RHCE. This book alone is by no chance all the study material needed to pass the RHCE exam, but I see it as one of many resources that I'll be using to accomplish my end goal. This book has really good excellent step-by-step practice labs That I think even a novice Linux user can follow easily. Every chapter has about 30+ questions about the chapter's topic which I found an excellent refresher/reminder of the content that was covered in it. I found the material in this book really helpful that I see this book as type of book that any Linux administrator needs to have in their book shelf.
I know I will definitely get back to it again to study the material or as a refresher of the content and practice using the step-by-step labs.

The book is divided into two sections dedicated for the RHCSA and RHCE certification objectives respectively. Overall I found the author's writing easy and coherent to understand. The only downside to the book is that it's poorly edited. The author doesn't mentioned this so I suspect this book didn't had a dedicated technical reviewer. This is really visible given that the book has numerous typos and mistakes.

Although this book is aimed to be a quick reference for the RHSCA/RHCE exams, I would definitely recommend it anyone interested in learning RHEL/Cent OS more in depth. Thus said, make sure to checkout the book's errata if you're planning on reading it!

Chapter 1: Local Installation
Chapter 2: Basic Linux Commands
Chapter 3: Files & Directories
Chapter 4: File Permissions, Text Editors, Text Processors & The Shell
Chapter 5: Process, Scheduling & Basic Hardware
Chapter 6: Package Management
Chapter 7: Virtualization & Network Installation
Chapter 8: Boot Process & Kernel Management
Chapter 9: Disk Partitioning
Chapter 10: File Systems & Swap
Chapter 11: Users & Groups
Chapter 12: Firewall & SELinux
Chapter 13: Networking, Network Interfaces & DNS, DHCP and LDAP Clients
Chapter 14: Shell Scripting, Building an RPM Package, & iSCSI
Chapter 15: Advance Firewall, TCP Wrappers, Usage Reporting & Remote Logging
Chapter 16: Routing, Kerberous & DNS Server
Chapter 17: Internet Services, Kernel Parameters & NTP
Chapter 18: Electronic Mail
Chapter 19: Network File System
Chapter 20: Samba & FTP
Chapter 21: Apache Web Server & Secure Shell Server

Rating: 4/5

Red Hat Certified System Administrator & Engineer: Training Guide and a Quick Deskside Reference


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