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1 September 2018

Beginning Regular Expressions

by Alpha01

Beginning Regular Expressions is about twice the size as Introducing Regular Expressions, however about 1/2 of the content of this book can be completely skipped or ignored. To start, this book is aimed for Windows developers, so all of the examples are Windows centric. While reading this book, I mainly followed along, using grep in Linux. The core regex concepts can be carried over from whatever Windows application is being described in the book, to grep or sed in Linux. So the fact that this book was originally aimed for Windows developers shouldn’t be a major drawback for anyone coming from the Linux or Unix world.

The examples described in this book are fairly outdated (book originally published in 2005), with possibly many being deprecated at this point. For example in the PHP regex chapter, some of the examples were described using the old deprecated PHP 5.x ereg(i), split(i) functions. Speaking of which, I honestly feel showcasing regular expressions in distinct languages is completely unnecessary. This book goes as far as covering regular expressions in JavaScript, VB, VB.Net, C#, Java, PHP, and Perl (of which I skipped reading most all these chapters).

Thus said, the first ten chapters in book are really good. It covers the core regular expression concepts very well. I felt they were more comprehensible compared to Introducing Regular Expressions.

Rating: 3/5

Beginning Regular Expressions

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