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24 October 2021

Monitoring with Prometheus

by Alpha01

I’ve read The Logstash Book and The Art of Monitoring and I can say trustfully say that I’m fan of James Turnbull’s works. In this book, the focus is on monitoring using Prometheus and its corresponding technologies. This book is the prime example on why I tend to usually recommend reading a book first rather than jumping on learning a new tool. With a tool as extremely complex as Prometheus, while the official documentation is well structure, it is after-all tech documentation. That means that it’s dry and somewhat hard to follow. In contrast this book is definitely not, so having gained the basic understand by reading this book. In my opinion, going back to the official documentation should be a much easier to understand process.

Monitoring with Prometheus goes into into incredibly comprehensive detail on how to effectively use Prometheus. It does using simple and easy to follow examples, that would help understand each topic being described. While most of the examples are in an AWS environment, thus said I found it easily to translate it into my homelab environment.

Rating: 4/5

Tags: [ prometheus ]