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22 November 2018

PHP Object-Oriented Solutions

by Alpha01

PHP Object-Oriented Solutions is a fantastic advance PHP programming book. If you’re new to programming, OOP is a really hard concept to grasp, and I feel this book does an excellent job describing and teaching the concepts. This is NOT a beginner PHP book, it expects the reader to have some basic PHP programming experience. This book doesn’t really go into how to created an specific web application using a PHP OOP approach, but rather it starts you from the absolute OOP basics to how to apply your new PHP extended knowledge using libraries in an OOP manner. The examples described in this book are in the middle-ground of not being extremely simple, while not to overly complex at the same time.

I read a significant portion of this book over 8 years ago, and at the time I was surprised to learn about the Standard PHP Library and its incredibly powerful Iterator design pattern features that it provides. Since using the Standard PHP Library requires you to have a firm knowledge of OOP, this book provides a lot of examples using the SPL.

This book was published in 2008, so all of the content is regarding PHP 5.3.x. However, I feel it is still good for anyone wanting to learn OOP in PHP. Obviously, all the newer PHP 7.x features are not mentioned here.

To conclude, one of my biggest pet peeves are developers (mostly noobs) who see PHP as shit. Many, if not all whom probably have little to no experience using the language extensively in a professional environment. Or even worse, because they’ve been fed misinformation about the language. These idiots see today’s PHP of 2018 as the same as PHP of 2003. If they only take the time learn PHP or even read this book, they will soon realize that much of their rhetoric is just a crock of shit.

This book is an ideal resource than can help you take that next step that would help you leap off from being a novice PHP developer.

Rating: 3/5

PHP Object-Oriented Solutions

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