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2 November 2013

Learning Perl Objects, References, and Modules

by Alpha01

This book is perfect for any moderate Perl programmer that wants to further understand the concept of object-oriented programming in Perl. The authors did a really good job explain what references are and how they are heavy used in Perl OOP. I have used Perl for a really long time (almost 10 years), and I’ve always found myself not fully certain aspects of Perl, mainly OOP and how to write modules using an object-oriented paradigm. This book definitely helped me fill in some gaps. Although the book was published in 2003, much of the information still stands. One thing that I would’ve liked this book had covered, was how to do exception handling in Perl. Thus said, this book will definitely live in my book shelf here and on, and be value reference for any future Perl programming that I’ll be doing.

So, if you already fully understand the general theory concept of object-oriented programming and are familiar with Perl, then this short 196 page book is a perfect source to help you expand your Perl hacking skills.

Rating: 4/5

Learning Perl Objects, References, and Modules: Beyond the Basics of Learning Perl

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