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6 February 2013

Learning Perl, 5th Edition

by Alpha01

I finally finished reading my second book on Perl. Unlike Apress’ Beginning Perl, Learning Perl 5th Edition by Randal Schwartz, Tom Phoenix, and brian d foy is not a book for someone new to programming. With a solid understanding of dynamic languages like PHP and Ruby, I found most of the material covered on this book very comprehensive, thus said, at times I found myself re-reading portions of the chapters just to understand concept the authors were trying to cover. For the most part, I read this book jointly with Apress’ Beginning Perl and I found this book to have more practical real word code examples (at least if you’re a sysadmin). The most notably difference on how this book was written for someone who is new to programming with Perl, but to not new to programming are the three chapters the authors dedicate to regular expressions.

I would only suggest this book to someone with a solid knowledge of another scripting language. As Randal Schwartz commented on my original book review in my blog, “if you know why you would want an array, and what a subroutine is for, you’ll probably do ok.”

Rating: 3/5

Learning Perl: Making Easy things Easy & Hard Things Possible, 5th Edition

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