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11 May 2013

Nagios: System and Network Monitoring

by Alpha01

Nagios: System and Network Monitoring is hands down one of the best technical books I have read thus far. While I have used Nagios plenty of times in the past before, prior to reading Nagios: System and Network Monitoring, I knew little to none about its configuration and inner workings, let alone plugin development (really simple stuff, literally). One of the things that make this book an absolute must have for any one interesting in using Nagios is the thorough explanation of just about every service/command configuration setting their is available for Nagios (at the the time of the book writing of course). The official Nagios documentation is great, but this book explains them in a more easier to understand approach, and more importantly it describes practical use for such settings. In addition of doing an awesome job explaining service/command configurations, this book does an excellent job explaining the most common Nagios plugins in great detail.

Thanks to this book, I literally started using Nagios in my home network to monitor just about anything that powers up and its online in someway.

This book has to be the ultimate reference/guide for all things Nagios system and network monitoring. Their is a really good reason why the main developer of Nagios quoted this book as “this book is incredibly detailed” and “I don’t think I could have gone into that much detail if I wrote a book myself”.

Rating: 5/5

Nagios: System and Network Monitoring

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