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3 December 2018

Visual Quickstart Guide: MySQL

by Alpha01

Visual Quickstart Guide: MySQL is yet another outdated physical book that I’ve decided to finish reading so I can toss it off my book shelf. This is a fantastic MySQL and general SQL book. It starts you off with basic MySQL and SQL usage, and database design theory, to more advance SQL usage and built-in MySQL functionality, as well as using MySQL with PHP, Perl, and Java. This book comprehensively covers associated mysql* tools.

It’s unbelievable for me to admit, but I really starting to dislike physical books. However, I really love how this book’s text is laid out. The layout is of two vertical columns, where text is presented and usually only side a visual image of what its being described. (I enjoy seeing the walls of text in my epic high fantasy books, and not in my technical books!)

Sadly, this book doesn’t have a modern recent edition. Being published in 2006, it definitely has outdated information. Thus said, I highly recommend this book to anyone new or wanting to learn SQL and MySQL, however I would highly suggest to also read the official documentation regarding each topic that it’s being described in the book. This is a beginner to mid level book, so you’ll definitely will not be seeing any advance MySQL features like replication, tuning, and performance (also mainly because this book covers MySQL 5.0)

Rating 4/5

Visual Quickstart Guide: MySQL. Learn MySQL the Quick and Easy Way!

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