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26 November 2021

Learning Helm

by Alpha01

Written by the creators of Helm itself, Learning Helm is literally a fantastic book for learning Helm. While, I wasn’t new to Helm when I first picked up this book, it was definitely helpful understanding Helm more in depth. The Helm documentation is really good, written in a very easy to understand manner, this book just adds an additional layer of information covered in the official documentation. If you’re not a Kubernetes beginer and you’re already somewhat familiar with Helm, then I would not really recommend this book. The reason being is that about 90-95% of the content covered in this book is already covered in the official documentation. However if you’re like me, and always prefers a book over the usual dry technical, then buying this book is a no brainer.

Helm is a relatively simple Kubernetes package manager (that’s why it’s been heavily embraced by the community). The chapters in this book are short and straight to the point, just like the documentation. The examples provide the additional source needed to under the concept covered. I’ve been doing a lot of custom Helm package development at work, and this book has been really beneficial to me; giving me pointers on implementing the best practices when writing, testing, and distributing Helm packages.

Rating: 4/5

Learning Helm: Managing Apps on Kubernetes

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