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28 November 2021

Kubernetes: Up and Running

by Alpha01

Like the iconic Perl Camel book, Kubernetes Up and Running has to be undoubtedly in my opinion one of the most iconic books published by O’Reily Media. This is because of the current state of this technology in the overall spectrum of the tech world. Kubernetes is practically the de facto standard in IT application infrastructure. This incredible piece of technology is complex, so a really good book must be associated with with to help both users and administrators as such. I think this is where this book tries to fill in that important gap. Back when I first read this book (around 2 years ago), this was my practically my introduction to Kubernetes.

Written by some of the Kubernetes’s community most important and influential figures. All of the examples demonstrated in this book can be easily followed using minikube, which is by far the easiest method of using Kubernetes when you’re first starting out. However, along side reading reading this book, I would also highly recommend going through the Kubernetes The Hard Way (which was created by one of the authors of this book). The combination of using both book and more advanced practical (and challenging) examples, I feel are a good combination for users that want to learn Kubernetes more in depth.

Kubernetes is a fast-pace project, so as of the time of this writing, this book already has 2nd edition, with a 3rd edition already planned for later this year!

This book is must read for anyone new to Kubernetes.

Rating 4/5

Kubernetes: Up and Running. Dive into the Future of Infrastructure

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