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23 August 2017

Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook

by Alpha01

This is a really technical advance book, that already assumes you have some basic knowledge of servers, software testing, and more importantly continuous integration and deployment. Don’t expect this book to hold your hand while reading through it. This book will take you from using Jenkins from a very simple standard application deployment build environment, to an extremely elaborate and powerful tool that can follow the all mighty (sarcasm) agile methodology in your development environment.

I think this is a good book to read after The Definitive Guide to Jenkins since it covers mostly the same concepts on top of additional (more advance) example scenarios. For example some that I implemented in my very own Jenkins build server; were customized css pages/themes, captcha forms, and extending Jenkins itself using Groovy. Also security wise, this book goes into far more detail on how to lock down and secure your Jenkins installation. Hell, it even provided examples on testing whether the Jenkins server is XSS vulnerable!

Just like The Definitive Guide to Jenkins, the overwhelming majority of the examples are related to deploying Java specific applications, and just like that book I found myself skipping through a lot of the examples described. This book also covers for more advance Jenkins uses cases like LDAP integration, and enabling SSO.

I was shocked to learn, how new the Pipelines feature is. This book was published in 2015, and while I know it may take some significant amount of time to publish a book; so it maybe possible a bulk of this book may be written in 2014. This book does not describe examples of using Pipelines in a Jenkins build project. It’s amazing that something so extremely useful, is relatively new. Thus said, I would definitely recommend this book to those seeking to extend their Jenkins working knowledge.

Rating: 3/5

Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook: Over 90 Recipes to produce great results from Jenkins using pro-level techniques, practices, and solutions

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