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6 August 2019

Jenkins 2: Up and Running

by Alpha01

Jenkins 2: Up and Running, Evolve Your Deployment Pipeline for Next Generation Automation is a book that in my humble opinion every new or current DevOps engineer needs to read. Even if you’re not using Jenkins as your Continuous Integration/ Delivery tool, this book does an excellent job describing you the high-level concepts with working practical examples.

The focal point of this book are Pipelines. I was familiar with Jenkins Pipelines prior to reading this book, however its original and current Groovy scripted configuration was somewhat intimidation to me. Although I’ve used Groovy on my Freestyle Jenkins jobs (see, I’ve stayed away from using Jenkins Pipelines up until now. Even if you’re new to Groovy (which I am), this book explains Pipeline Groovy scripted configurations, and its more easier to understand counterpart of declarative Pipeline configurations in a very simple and comprehensive manner. It even goes as far was to showcasing how would you reconfigure your existing Freestyle job, into a Pipeline configuration, all while keeping the same features and enjoying the added benefits that a build has using a Pipeline configuration.

This is an advance book, it doesn’t have an installation chapter which most tech books love to include (and I tend to see them as pointless). Also, this book assumes you already know to implement a basic application delivery process. To get the most of off this book, it helps if you already have some sort of working deployment job set in place. This book will go into showcasing techniques on having a much more powerful and reliable integration and deployment setup.

Rating: 3/5

Jenkins 2: Up and Running. Evolve Your Deployment Pipeline for Next-Generation Automation

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