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10 June 2017

Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins

by Alpha01

Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins has the honorary record of being up to now the worse technical book that I’ve read so far. This is an extremely rushed book that poorly describes the complex examples in it. Perhaps the most furious part of reading this book is that fact that the examples described are no longer accessible! It’s absolutely mind boggling that the example material covered in this book is no longer available; and the author didn’t even bothered updating the corresponding GitHub repository. Interestingly enough, the corresponding site is still online; this almost feels like the author simply doesn’t give a flying fuck about the book that he published.

This book is suppose to be a short, high-level Jenkins integration reference for experienced PHP developers. However, the only good thing about this book is that it does mentions a lot of useful tools to test your PHP applications. It only mentions them, it does NOT go into detail on how to use these tools. Of which a good number of the tools mentioned in this book were written by author himself!

To me the underlying reason why the author published this book was to give his PHP consulting firm legitimacy to potential clients. I originally bought this book during a sale by O’Reilly about two years ago. Now the book is not even sold in their site anymore. This book is so terrible, that O’Reilly has removed it from their catalog completely!

This is a terrible book, and would not suggest anyone buying it.

Rating: 1/5

Integrating PHP Projects with Jenkins: Continuous Integration for Robust Building and Testing

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