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15 October 2016

GitLab Repository Management

by Alpha01

This book is the first technical book that I’ve read that’s been almost completely outdated. Technology changes fast, and especially when it comes to open source. Understandably, this book was published in November 2013, however it’s way due for a second edition. The version of GitLab covered in this book is 6.0 and as of the time of this writing the current version is 8.12.7. One good thing, is that the book gives a general (outdated) overview on using GitLab. From installing, configuring, updating, and of course the workflow of GitLab so you can start using it for your projects.

I always opt for first reading a book when jumping to a new piece of technology. On this case, I feel people should just jump directly to the documentation to find out more information on GitLab. Thus said, they’re areas a possible second edition of this could shine on. That is the new features like the built-in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery system that is bundled in GitLab.

If you’re already familiar with GitHub, then you should be able to quickly understand how GitLab works even if the web interfaces are completely different. So I really can’t recommend this book.

Rating: 2/5

GitLab Repository Management: Delve into managing your projects with GitLab, while tailoring it to fit your environment

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