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13 October 2022

Automating Workflows with GitHub Actions

by Alpha01

Given the mass scale of GitHub’s user base, when it comes to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, theirs absolutely no doubt that GitHub Actions is well on it’s way of becoming the most dominant platform (if it’s not already).

This is a fantastic book about this awesome CI/CD SaaS solution. Users from beginner, to medium and advance users should be able to gain a lot by reading it. Coming from an intermediate GitHub Actions knowledge level, as I’ve been using GitHub Actions on my daily job. The book starts from a foundational level, so even a developer with not much CI/CD experience should be able to easily grasp the core concepts. It then goes incrementally into more advance topics. For me, learning how to write custom actions from scratch was something mew that I learn from this book. One thing that I love about tech books, is the foundational/core concepts that provide. After reading this book, reading the official GitHub Actions documentation is much more easily to comprehend.

If you’re new to GitHub Actions, but familiar with other CI/CD systems (Jenkins being the big elephant in the room). This book does an excellent job teaching what in my opinion it’s an absolutely must have skill whether you’re a developer or a devops engineer, regardless of years of experience.

Rating: 4/5

Workflows with GitHub Actions

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