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18 October 2014

Pragmatic Guide to Git

by Alpha01

Git’s popularity is so massive, that if you’re in Development or Operations; you’re required to know how to use and work with Git.The structure of this book is practically identical to the Pragmatic Guide to Subvesion book that I read a few months ago. Unlike Subversion, Git in my opinion is far much easier to work with. This books is written in such a way that any Git new user can easily follow along. The book has a total of 44 short exercises which describes on how to accomplish such task using Git. I’ve used Git for my personal projects for quite some time now, this book covers about 90% of the overall usage any regular user needs to know in order to be proficient with Git. Thus said, by reading this book I’ve learned features in Git that I wasn’t aware they existed. Most notability, stashing local repo changes, which is is really cool Git feature that I had no idea it existed.

Anyone who is intimidated by Git should read this book. The examples are easy to understand and follow, and you’ll see Git is nothing to be scared about.

Rating: 5/5

Progmatic Guide to Git

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