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24 June 2018

Learning Docker

by Alpha01

Unlike the pile of shit that was Pro Docker , Learning Docker is a fantastic Docker resource book. This book actually teaches you how to use Docker instead of using Docker for a particular application. It starts you off with the basic general high level theoretical stuff of what Docker is, ie difference between containers and virtual machines, to really complex Docker configurations and use cases. These include: networking, host integration, testing, debugging, and security.

Not only does this book describes Docker usage really excellent, it also gives lots of tips and provides you with some Docker best practices. This It covers the Dockerfile configuration! Which I have to say some portions are almost identical to the documentation

This book does go into advance topics like of Docker orchestration using docker-compose, and building and hosting your own Docker image repos locally.

Their is a second version of this book, Learning Docker Second Edition. I use Docker practically almost on a daily basis, soI can’t recall of the top of my head reading content that would now be considered deprecated. Some of the primary changes of the new second version of this book deals with content dealing with a more modern version of Docker, and more content dealing with Docker deployments.

This is an easy to follow, comprehensive Docker book, that I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn more Docker in depth.

Rating: 4/5

Learning Docker: Optimize the power of Docker to run applications quickly and easily

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