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16 November 2019

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide: Associate SAA-C01 Exam 2nd Edition

by Alpha01

This book goes beyond what is needed to pass the current AWS SAA-C01 Exam. It does an excellent job teaching you AWS, even if you’re not planning on taking the certification exam. In fact, it seemed to me that this was the primary goal of this book. After-all, what good is it to be certified and not know the technology in extremely depth.

One of the reasons why I love buying and reading certification books even if I’m not planning on taking the exams, are the questions at the end of each chapter that challenge your knowledge on what was covered. This book goes to the extreme, the questions at the end of each chapter are incredibly difficult. I’ve been using AWS professionally for a number of years, and feel like I have a good firm grasp on Amazon’s core cloud services, however the questions on this book made me seriously questioned my capabilities of passing the exam. Fortunately, browsing through the Amazon reviews for this book, I wasn’t alone, and to my benefit, many reviewers mentioned that the official exam was nowhere as difficult as questions in this book.

So having taken the exam a few days ago, I can also reassure that the exam is not as difficult as this book! In fact, I was pleasantly surprised how easy the exam was, with a score of 909/1000 I passed the exam rather comfortably thanks to this book and other online training resources. My only regret was purchasing this book as an e-book. This made it extremely annoying having to toggle between chapter questions and their respective answers. Thus said, this book is really good, and I’m even considering repurchasing it in its physical form and reread it, to prepare for the harder Professional level exam.

Rating: 4/5

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide: Associate SAA-C01 Exam 2nd Edition

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