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25 June 2018

Apache Essentials: Install, Configure, Maintain

by Alpha01

Apache Essentials was basically my first and only reference (aside from the official Apache documentation), that I used to learn Apache. Given how importantly this book was for me and how it affected my career, I realized that I never wrote a review for it; and I only just noticed this because I was about to throw the book away. Aside from my college technical books, this is probably one of oldest and first technical books that I ever purchased. I purchased this book in March 2007, so all of the content is for Apache 1.3.x which completely deprecated now. However looking at this book now, I’d say about 80% of the content is still valid. Some of the deprecated content is stuff regarding old configurations, as well as content regarding server side-includes and mod_php.

This book aimed to cover the major portions an Apache administrator needs to know like, mod_rewrite, mod_access, virtual hosting, SSL, and as well as additional information regarding some core loadable modules.

Apache is an extremely complex application, so this book is by no means whatsoever the only reference you need to be a good web administrator, but definitely a good reference to start.

Rating: 3/5

Apache Essentials: Install, Configure, Maintain

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