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1 September 2012

Kerberos - kadmin connection issue

by Alpha01

I was getting a communication error when trying to connect from a Kerberos client to the KDC, while I was still able to successfully be granted a ticket using kinit.


[root@rubyninja etc]# kadmin -p kerberosadmin/[email protected]
Authenticating as principal kerberosadmin/[email protected] with password.
Password for kerberosadmin/[email protected]: 
kadmin: Communication failure with server while initializing kadmin interface


It turns out that iptables was blocking access to kadmind on the Master KDC, of which I simply had to allow the TCP Port 749 to fix the issue.

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 749 -j ACCEPT
Tags: [ kerberos iptables ]