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Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes

The Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes series is the best selling SQL book series, and after reading this book (although older version since I read the second edition), I can see why that is the case. This is a really good SQL good. It is SQL agnostic, though it does mention the difference between major RDMS, and also provides the different implementations using SQL Server, Oracle, and on a few occasions even MySQL.

This book goes into far more detail than MySQL in 10 minutes. I read both books jointly, and I think this is the best approach for anyone new to SQL and if you’re learning via MySQL. Unlike MySQL in 10 minutes, this book does have consequently updated editions published.

This book was extremely easy to follow and very well written, and in my opinion it is perhaps the best introductory SQL book.

Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes

Rating 4/5

Chapter 1: Understanding SQL
Chapter 2: Retrieving Data
Chapter 3: Sorting Retrieved Data
Chapter 4: Filtering Data
Chapter 5: Advance Filtering
Chapter 6: Using Wildcard Filtering
Chapter 7: Creating Calculated Fields
Chapter 8: Using Data Manipulation Functions
Chapter 9: Summarizing Data
Chapter 10: Grouping Data
Chapter 11: Working with Subqueries
Chapter 12: Joining Tables
Chapter 13: Creating Advance Joins
Chapter 14: Combining Queries
Chapter 15: Inserting Data
Chapter 16: Updating and Deleting Data
Chapter 17: Creating and Manipulating Tables
Chapter 18: Using Views
Chapter 19: Working with Stored Procedures
Chapter 20: Managing Transaction Processing
Chapter 21: Using Cursors
Chapter 22: Understanding Advance SQL Features


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