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LPIC-2 Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide

I must say, I'm a big fan of certification centric technical books. This book was based on the Linux Professional Institute Advanced level 2 certification's exam objectives. Certification books tend to go obsolete pretty fast, and this book is somewhat the case. The book was published in 2011, and the LPIC-2 exam objectives covered in this book were change on November 2013. Thus said, with the exception of the Upstart content, the material covered in this book is definitely NOT obsolete what so ever. Any mid-level Linux systems administrator, and possibly Junior level admin will definitely find this book to be useful and helpful in their day-to-day syadmin job. Personally, I found the content relating to BIND, ISC DHCP, and LDAP be really informative and well described.

The book is divided into two different portions, focusing on the LPI 201 and 202 exam objectives respectively. Although some of the exam objectives are no longer up to date, I still feel this book is good reference if you're at this present planning on becoming LPIC-2 certified.

Chapter 1: System Startup and Advanced System Management
Chapter 2: Linux Kernel Configuration
Chapter 3: Basic Filesystem Management
Chapter 4: Advanced Disk Management
Chapter 5: Network Configuration
Chapter 6: DNS Server Configuration
Chapter 7: Advanced Network Configuration
Chapter 8: Configuring File Servers
Chapter 9: Configuring Web and Email Servers
Chapter 10: Security
Chapter 11: System Troubleshooting I: Boot and Kernel Problems
Chapter 12: System Troubleshooting II: System Resources and the User Environment

Rating: 3/5

LPIC-2 Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide


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