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DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practices

I've been a long time subscriber of Linux Journal magazine, and Kyle Rankin's column is quite frankly why I continue to be Linux Journal subscriber. His book DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practices, is a general purpose troubleshooting guide to the most common problems encountered in any Linux system. Linux servers are everywhere, if you're a developer, QA engineer, DBA, or a sysadmin, this book has the necessary content for the entire development and operations departments need as a common middle grounds of basic server troubleshooting skills without necessarily being a Linux expert. This book describes tools, and tricks for troubleshooting performance (load, CPU, memory, disk I/O, etc.), boot, network, DNS, email, database, and hardware related problems.

This book does NOT, walk you through setting up a Linux server. Most likely if you're reading this book, you're already working with one, as well as have the basic Linux knowledge to do so.

I would definitely recommend book. Thus said, as a mid-level/senior Linux systems administrator, I practically already accumulated the majority of the troubleshooting content described in the book with the exception of the chapters related to troubleshooting email and database, which I definitely learned new things thanks to this book. I also found the chapter related hardware problems really interesting, especially after having already encountered some of them!

Chapter 1: Troubleshooting Best Practices
Chapter 2: Why is the Server So Slow? Running out of CPU, RAM, and Disk I/O
Chapter 3: Why Won't the System Boot? Solving Boot Problems
Chapter 4: Why Can't I Write to the Disk? Solving Full or Corrupt Disk Issues
Chapter 5: Is the Server Down? Tracking Down the Source of Network Problems
Chapter 6: Why Won't the Hostnames Resolves? Solving DNS Server Issues
Chapter 7: Why Didn't My Email Go Through? Tracing Email Problems
Chapter 8: Is the Website Down? Tracking Down Web Server Problems
Chapter 9: Why is the Database Slow? Tracking Down Database Problems
Chapter 10: It's the Hardware Fault! Diagnosing Common Hardware Problems

Rating: 5/5

DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practices


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